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Website SEO Analysis

Website SEO analysis Why do you require website SEO analysis? You need regular website SEO analysis done for your website to make sure it confirms to the standards set by search engines like and When you get a proper SEO site analysis done then you can be sure that your website is up-to-date and matches the industry standards [...]

5 Reasons to Get Obsessed With Conversion Rate Optimization

In the current economic climate, your website’s conversion rate is more important than ever. Here are five reasons why conversion rate optimization should be your top priority. Reason 1: The obvious one—you get more customers, free The obvious reason to improve your conversion rate is that you want more customers without having to spend a [...]

8 Uncommon Conversion Rate Optimization Tips You Can Use Today

Conversion Rate Optimization Tips If you’re getting a lot of traffic to your website or a specific landing page, but not getting a lot of leads, don’t worry. Instead, it means it’s time to get serious about conversion rate optimization (CRO). We've all heard the very good, but all too common advice: test button colors [...]

Case Study: Website Optimization

Case Study: Website Optimization As the website loading of the average website becomes bigger and bigger, file size becomes very important as far website optimization is concerned. With this case study I want to take a look at the potential of image compression, compressing CSS and JavaScript, reduction of HTTP-requests and GZIP compression in decreasing [...]

SEO For Dummies: How To Rank Number 1 In Google For Any Keyword!

SEO For Dummies: How To Rank Number 1 In Google For Any Keyword An extremely brave statement right? I mean I'm guaranteeing that I can show to you how to rank in Google for ANY keyword? Who guarantees that right?. Well after you read this post, you will know why this is a definitive SEO for dummies guide that you need. Why Google? [...]

5 Conversion Rate Optimization Case Studies

5 Conversion Rate Optimization Case Studies Conversion Optimization True Stories Conversion rate optimization is a science. And unlike most online marketing techniques, conversion rate optimization is not something than can be scaled in ways that content marketing and SEO can be. This is because in order to fully understand conversion rate optimization you need to [...]

Keywords and SEO Checklist: Drive Traffic Through Website Optimization

Keywords and SEO Checklist: Drive Traffic Through Website Optimization Where is your website showing up on the most popular search engines? If your answer is not somewhere on page one, you may want to consider reviewing your keywords and links. Most search engine users will not navigate beyond page one, so you need to update [...]

Website Content Optimization Tips

Website Content Optimization Tips Content optimization tips Simple but useful content optimization tips. Your website's content is the most important part of your site and what your visitors seek when they come to your website via its URL, or via a search engine. Therefore, it is the first element that you need to [...]

Get to Know How SEO Works!

You've probably heard of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.  And You've probably even decided that you might need it right? There are a lot of companies and individuals offering SEO services to small business owners, and much of the time they make it sound a lot more complicated than it needs to be. Why do they [...]