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Get More from your Adwords PPC campaign!

So You started an PPC Campaign and you find your are spending too much with very little returns on your investment.

Here Are Common Adwords PPC Campaign Mistakes, Save Money on Your PPC Campaign

Google Adwords PPC CampaignsIt amazes me how many people are just pouring their hard earned money down the drain every day with Google Adwords PPC Campaigns.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a big fan of PPC as an excellent channel for getting new business. A good PPC campaign can get New customers and make you a lot of money. A bad PPC campaign can almost break you!

I see these same Seven mistakes in Google Adwords PPC Campaigns again and again.. Here’s how to fix them.

Mistake Number 1 is not using Adwords Conversion Tracking.

I hear so many people talk about how they are getting a great CTR (click through rate) or really cheap clicks but when I ask them if they are actually turning those clicks into customers, they go very quiet.

Reason : A great click through rate is completely useless if very few of your clicks generate any conversion or any new business. So you need to know which PPC keywords and which ads are converting well. The only way to do this, is to install conversion tracking alongside your PPC and Track it well.

It’s free and Google makes it very easy. Just click on the Conversion Tracking link next time you are in Google Adwords and follow the simple steps to install it.

Mistake Number 2 is Trying to get to the top spot in Adwords PPC.

Many advertisers get obsessed about getting their ad onto the top PPC spot. Here’s a secret. The best converting PPC spots are usually Ad number two and three. Why? Many people just click on the top spot without really reading the advert. They expect the ad to be the most relevant.. and sometimes those might be robots . When someone clicks on the second or third ad then they are clearly reading the ad to click what they think is the best. So, they are likely to be more interested in what you have to offer ( assuming your ad is relevant to your offer!

The top spot is NOT the best spot in PPC. So why make a mistake and pay for it!

Mistake Number 3 is writing ads that are not relevant or misleading .

People get so involved getting more clicks that they make their ads completely misleading just to get the click. For example, offer something for free or discounts, but when you get to the page or site, you actually find that what you were offered is not there.. or it is but it’s not free. So click through might Shoot up but conversion rates go down.

The whole point of advertising is to get conversions so, writing misleading ads is of no use. In fact misleading ads is one of the fastest ways to go broke with Adwords PPC Campaigns because you are buying traffic clicks that don’t buy from you.

Mistake Number 4 is not using the correct matching for your keywords i.e. broad, phrase and exact matching options in your PPC Campaign.

Google sets up your keywords using the broad matching option as default. But phrase and exact matching are usually cheaper and more exact and provide targeted clicks that are more likely to convert from PPC to leads.

Mistake Number 5 is advertising all the time.

Chasing those clicks around the clock is a bad idea. Google Analytics gives an excellent report that shows you what hour of the day you are getting maximum conversions. So you can target your ads at better hours using the Adwords scheduler in the campaign settings. Also, You can check which days of the week you are getting most of your conversions. You can also have multiple campaigns that are set to run only on certain days of the week and at certain times.

Mistake Number 6 is advertising in every country.

If people can’t use or buy your product in their country, why allow your ads to showing those countries? Take a good look at your PPC conversion rates and see what countries you are more successful in. Update your campaigns so your ads are only showing those countries.

You can also create PPC campaigns that target different countries with different combinations of times of the day and days of the week!

Mistake Number 7 is not using negative keywords.

Negative keyword stops your ad from display if that word is being used in the search. For example if you are selling a product, and some types the word free into Google, you don’t want your ad to show. So put some time in thinking up negative keywords for your PPC campaigns and add those to your PPC campaigns. It will save you a a good amount in spend unwanted clicks.

And last but not the least Track Track and Track..Optimize Optimize and optimize.

Remember to use reports in Adwords to compare, see whats working and whats not, Use Analytics and see what search terms are working for you and Focus on CONVERSIONS and Not merely Clicks.

As always we will be happy to help you optimize your Adwords PPC campaign and save you some marketing dollars.